Bully Dog Triple Dog GT 50-State Gas Tuner for Chevrolet Silverado II Gas 2007-2013. Part # 40410


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Brand Bully Dog


SKU 40410
Engine 4.8L; 5.3L; 6.0L; 6.2L Gas

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50-State GT Gas (40410)

Our Triple Dog Gauge Tuner (or GT) for gas vehicles is one of our top-selling products - and for good reason. The Triple Dog GT is four products in one remarkable unit: a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic device all in a single unit. The remarkable GT transforms the utility of your vehicle by increasing horsepower, improving fuel economy, and providing a comprehensive set of monitoring features and diagnostic functions. Other tuning products don't hold a candle to the Triple Dog GT - it has the largest feature set and the widest range of vehicle applications from a single product. 


  • Number of Power Level Settings: 3
  • Select Power Level On The Fly: No
  • Top Speed Adjustment: Yes
  • Speedometer Correction: Yes
  • Rev Limiter Adjustment: Yes
  • Internet Updatable: Yes
  • Reads Trouble Codes: Yes
  • Monitor: Included
  • Automatic Transmission Adjustment: Yes
  • State Legal CARB E.O. # D-512-6 or D-512-7 (depending on application)


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